Visa versa


Kris was out shopping for a new dress for a visa versa party, that’s when a clerk came up and asked,
“Are you looking for your GF?”
“No I don’t have a GF, I’m looking for myself I’m going to this visa versa party” Kris answered
“Oh, well what is it your looking for exactly?”
“Well I’m new to all this girl stuff and was hoping you could show me” Kris answered
“I’d be happy to, I get off work soon come though to the back room, m name is Clare”
“I’m Kris”

Kris followed Clare to the back room and when she got off work she showed him all the things he needs to know about being girly.
“Over here we have all the dresses you could think of, what style is the party?”
“Have a look around while I finish up shop and I’ll be back”
Kris looked around for anything that fits ’50s’ style, as he was looking he saw a very beautiful dress, it was red knee length, with a bow on the bodice.

“Good pick, that dress will suit you” Clare scared Kris
“Thanks I guess”
“Don’t mention it, now off with your clothes and on with the dress, here are some cute panties I picked out for you” Clare said as she held them out.
“Oh, thank you” Kris thanked.
In the panties Clare knew he would look fabulous in the dress he picked,
“So, are you having fun?” Clare asked Kris.
“It’s okay if you are, I love it that your adventuring your girl side” Clare smiled

Now it’s the for the dress, as Kris put it on a mysterious glow formed around him and his body shifted into that of a girls, his hips grew, his boobs grew to a decent size and his penis shrunk to form into a vagina.
“Wow, you look fabulous” Clare complemented
“Thanks, how did it…?” Kris asked
“Oh, that dress belonged to a princess and she cast a spell on it that if any boy who wore it would transform him into a girl.” Clare answered
“Is it permanent?”
“No, as soon as you take it off you’ll turn back, just kidding” Clare smiled

“I’ll take it, how much?” Kris asked as he got out his pink woman’s purse.
“Oh no charge, but why do you have a woman’s purse yet this is your first time wearing woman’s clothes, unless your…” Clare said opened mouthed.
“Yes I am, and I’m ashamed” Kris confessed with his head down.
“Why, you look wonderful, I knew you were not who you appear to be.”
“I’m going to get changed” Kris said
“Wait there I have something to show you”

As Clare went to get something for Kris, he got out of the dress and sat down to wait for Clare. When she came back she held in her hands the most beautiful dress he’d ever seen, it was purple came down to the knees and was embodied with diamonds on the bodice going down to the hem of the dress.
“Get up and into the dress, and by the look on your face you like it” Clare said slyly.
“I don’t like it…. I love it its so…” Kris stopped mid sentence cos he could not express what words to say about it.
Stunning might of been the word.
“Well, lets go home you can stay at my place, I’ll recreate you from the bottom up”

On the way to Clare’s home, Kris was overwhelmed with hot as he opened his bedroom door to what appeared to be a baby’s room, a baby girls to be exact.
“Wow, this is like wow” Kris said with tears of happiness.
“Now up onto the changing mat and I’ll put you into a diaper” Clare said as she guides him to the mat.

The end tune in to see what happens next.