Corious about girls clothes 5


*Writers thoughts*

RECAP: Kris and Selena ranaway, while Kris’ wife was hurt but still in love with him. Tammy has no memory of her
brother/sister but the rest do. *spooky*

“So this is the famous WOWP set huh..?” Kris asked rhetorically
“Yup, want to look around, like upstairs in my… well Alex’s room?” Selena asked suggestively
As they were going upstaris Kris and Selena magically swapped bodies.
“What happend am I in your body” Selena/Kris asked questionably
“Well we swapped bodies, and to be honest it does feel weird at first but you get used to it, like a corset” Kris/Selena

While they were getting used to their new bodies Selena broke the scilence,
“So this is what it feels like to be transgender, When and if we swap back I will know what you like and dislike.”
“Ok I’ll test you when we swap back, but how comes I don’t know yours?” Kris asked curiously.
As they were getting ready for bed Kris suddenly knew how to do spells, as they were looking for a spell for swapping bodies
they had no luck, after dinner they finally went to bed.

in the morning they found that they were still in eachothers bodies. At breakfast Selena was doing some reasearch about the
storm and when it will happen again,
“Hey, look at this it says here that it has affected more than fourty thousand people and it also says that it will hit again
at 4:00pm this afternoon.”
“Doesn’t suprise me that it hit that many people, personaly I’m just glad that it only changes people while in rooms with
other people, like you and me.”
After breakfast and after they got changed they went to the mall to buy some clothes, but not ordernary clothes but for the
opposite gender. Kris was crusing around the mens isle while Selena was in the womens section, after awhile and meny
purchases later they were on their way home.

At lunch they talked about what they had in store for eachother after 4pm.
*As you will proberbly guess that they will dress eachother up. Back to story.*
After lunch they they split up and will meet up at the arranged place. Kris is off to buy somthing special for Selena and
decides on a diamond ring. Selena was buying Kris a diamond necklace. Once the last minuite shopping was done thay finally
wen home and made a deal that after 4pm they show eachother what they got. That night they watched a movie.

*Let’s go see what the others are up to… shall we…?*

“Miley, are you really Hannah Montanna?” Tammy asked
“Well.. no but I still have all her outfits, somthing Kris will sure miss out on.”
“Whose this Kris your talking about…? is he hot..?”
“What do you mean ‘is he hot?’ he’s your brother and he’s my husband/wife.” Lucy said with steam coming out of her ears.
“Alright it was only a question.. geez, anyway I seriously don’t know a ‘Kris’ and I don’t have a brother, I have a sister
called Kristieene.”
“Yeah… now think about the two names and…?”
“Oh yeah, they both and the name Kris in them weird.”
“And what..?”
“Do you really have no recolection of your brother/sister?”
“Nope… but wait a second…”

*Back to Selena and Kris*

After the movie it was 3:55pm.
“Five minuites, I cant wait to show you what I got for you.”
“I know me either, once the clock hits 4 we go up in two different rooms that have our names on and change.”
So as the clock hit exactly 4 they raced up the stairs to see what they ave got.
“Oh by the way, I gave you a suprise. Hope you will love it.” Selena said just before they got to the top of the stairs.

Hope you liked this series, if you want more or have any ideas feel free to email me any time at my new address; Subject; Curious -: Srory idea(s)

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