Visa versa 2 – The new life


It was a oddly warm evening when Kris awoke from his nap, he rubbed his eyes into focus, as he did so, the bedroom door opened and Ami walked in
“Evening my little princess, did you have a nice nap? Its time for your dinner”
They made their way down into the kitchen and Ami fished out a jar of “summer fruits” baby food, she delicatley strapped a pink barbie bib around Kris’ neck and started to spoon feed him.
“Here comes the train” she cooed.
“Oh, i have some friends coming over later, you remember Selena and Miley?”

“‘Ding, Dong’ Oh their here, stay right there” Ami said as she went to open the door.
“Hello, how you doing?” Selena asked
“Hey” Miley said
“Hi, come on in” Amy offered

Inside Selena saw Kris in is high chair who wanted to get down,
“Ahh does baba won’t down down” Selena cooed. Kris nodded, down he went to go play but Ami said “not so fast missy, greet these nice people first then go play”
“Hello Miley, hello Selena” Kris said as he curtseyed then went off to play.

“He’s so adorable” Miley complemented
“I know he told me his dream is to be a baby girl, he’s cute” Ami Gossiped
“Really, I never pictured him in a diaper and a baby dress, but each to there own” Selena smiled.

As everyone was talking, Kris entered with a barbie doll and a wand from wizards of Waverley place and gave the wand to Selena,
“Wow thank you hunni, do you want me to sign it for you?” Selena asked and Kris nodded.
“There you go, babe” Selena said as she patted his diapered bottom
“Now where were we, Ah yes, so what you going to do to him next?” Selena asked
“Well, I was thinking of going to the beach tomorrow, and I need a baby sitter” Ami told
“We could babysit for you, I’m sure she’s no trouble” Miley asked politely
“Would you, thanks I would hate anything to happen to her i.e.laughed at, I’ll be back about 2ish”

After they had said their goodbyes it was time to out Kris back in her crib,
“Come on baby, bath time then bedibyes” Ami said softly
After Kris had her bath, all nice and clean, new nappy it was time to be out in the crib.
“Does my beautiful princess want a story”
After the story, Kris was fast asleep and Ami turned out the light and went to bed herself.

In the morning, Kris awoke with a wet diaper so he cried until Ami came to change him.
“Aww has my little baby done a wee wee in her diaper” she cooed,
‘Kris nodded’
“Well let me get changed then I’ll change you, ok baby?” ami asked
‘Kris nodded’
Once Ami was dressed and ready to go out for the day, the doorbell rang.
“Oh that will be Selena and Miley”

“Hi, come in, coffee” Ami offered when she opened the door.
“Oh, please” Selena said
“Second that” Miley said then smiled.
“So how’ve you been” Selena asked
“I’ve been good thanks, I’m just on my way out and Kris needs changing” Ami said as she grabbed her bag and went out the door.

“So lets change her together then we’ll pop out” Miley suggested
“Good idea” Selena agreed
So off they went to the baby’s room to get Kris out if her dirty nappy and into a clean one.
“Have you been a good girl?” Selena cooed.
‘Kris nodded’
“Good cos were going out to our favourite place, where is it again Miley”
“I believe it’s the beach, Selena”
One Kris was into a new, clean nappy it was time to put Kris into a yellow stripped tankini and I to the car for the beach.

At the beach they tried to find a good spot,
“Hey Ami, I thought it’d be good for Kris to get some rays on such a beautiful day” Miley said
“Oh well this was supposed to be just me but since your here, please join me, Kris hunni sit and play” Ami said as she have a kiss to her precious baby.
“Yes well, I’ll go get some drinks” Selena offered.
“Did you at lest bring the baby bag?”
“No worries it’s right here”
“Good, I’d hate for her to get a dirty nappy while I’m getting some sun” Ami said relieved.
“Botbot” Kris said
“Does baba need her botbot?” Ami asked
‘Kris nods’
“Selena feed Kris will you please” Ami told.

The End

Corious about girls clothes 5


*Writers thoughts*

RECAP: Kris and Selena ranaway, while Kris’ wife was hurt but still in love with him. Tammy has no memory of her
brother/sister but the rest do. *spooky*

“So this is the famous WOWP set huh..?” Kris asked rhetorically
“Yup, want to look around, like upstairs in my… well Alex’s room?” Selena asked suggestively
As they were going upstaris Kris and Selena magically swapped bodies.
“What happend am I in your body” Selena/Kris asked questionably
“Well we swapped bodies, and to be honest it does feel weird at first but you get used to it, like a corset” Kris/Selena

While they were getting used to their new bodies Selena broke the scilence,
“So this is what it feels like to be transgender, When and if we swap back I will know what you like and dislike.”
“Ok I’ll test you when we swap back, but how comes I don’t know yours?” Kris asked curiously.
As they were getting ready for bed Kris suddenly knew how to do spells, as they were looking for a spell for swapping bodies
they had no luck, after dinner they finally went to bed.

in the morning they found that they were still in eachothers bodies. At breakfast Selena was doing some reasearch about the
storm and when it will happen again,
“Hey, look at this it says here that it has affected more than fourty thousand people and it also says that it will hit again
at 4:00pm this afternoon.”
“Doesn’t suprise me that it hit that many people, personaly I’m just glad that it only changes people while in rooms with
other people, like you and me.”
After breakfast and after they got changed they went to the mall to buy some clothes, but not ordernary clothes but for the
opposite gender. Kris was crusing around the mens isle while Selena was in the womens section, after awhile and meny
purchases later they were on their way home.

At lunch they talked about what they had in store for eachother after 4pm.
*As you will proberbly guess that they will dress eachother up. Back to story.*
After lunch they they split up and will meet up at the arranged place. Kris is off to buy somthing special for Selena and
decides on a diamond ring. Selena was buying Kris a diamond necklace. Once the last minuite shopping was done thay finally
wen home and made a deal that after 4pm they show eachother what they got. That night they watched a movie.

*Let’s go see what the others are up to… shall we…?*

“Miley, are you really Hannah Montanna?” Tammy asked
“Well.. no but I still have all her outfits, somthing Kris will sure miss out on.”
“Whose this Kris your talking about…? is he hot..?”
“What do you mean ‘is he hot?’ he’s your brother and he’s my husband/wife.” Lucy said with steam coming out of her ears.
“Alright it was only a question.. geez, anyway I seriously don’t know a ‘Kris’ and I don’t have a brother, I have a sister
called Kristieene.”
“Yeah… now think about the two names and…?”
“Oh yeah, they both and the name Kris in them weird.”
“And what..?”
“Do you really have no recolection of your brother/sister?”
“Nope… but wait a second…”

*Back to Selena and Kris*

After the movie it was 3:55pm.
“Five minuites, I cant wait to show you what I got for you.”
“I know me either, once the clock hits 4 we go up in two different rooms that have our names on and change.”
So as the clock hit exactly 4 they raced up the stairs to see what they ave got.
“Oh by the way, I gave you a suprise. Hope you will love it.” Selena said just before they got to the top of the stairs.

Hope you liked this series, if you want more or have any ideas feel free to email me any time at my new address; Subject; Curious -: Srory idea(s)

Curious about girls clothes 4


RECAP: they all were on the plane going to America and when they landed they met Selena and Miley.

“Hey good to see you again!” Kris said with enthusiasm
“You too, who’s this?” Selena asked
“This is my wife Lucy, and my friend Tammy, guys meet”
“I know who this is, your Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus” Tammy cut Kris off mid sentence.

“So where are you off to?” Miley asked Kris
“Me and Lucy are on our honeymoon going to Florida” Kris answered
“Well why don’t you come with us for your honeymoon, were off to LA” Miley suggested.
“Sure, only if you girls are up for it?!” Kris asked them
“Yeah we’re up for it” Lucy answered for them

On there way to LA,
“hey Kris did you bring your hello kitty with you? He can’t sleep without him, what was his name again” Lucy asked
“Luce please not in front of everyone, and yes I did, it’s a her and her name is girlyboy.”
“Right, so what are you going to wear to bed tonight I know your a boy so you can wear anything from my luggage or if Selena is kind enough you can use some of hers.” Tammy mocked
“Actually that’s not a bad idea, Kris if you ask nicely you can borrow any if my stuff” Selena whispered to Kris

At the hotel as they were settling in Selena dragged Kris in the bathroom and told him that he can share the bed with here since there are only four beds, but Kris said “I’m married to Lucy”
“Okay then, I guess you won’t get to wear my special nightie that I wear on special occasion like this” Selena persuaded
As Selena won’t take a no for an answer he agreed but he had to tell his wife,
“No, if you tell I won’t let you wear one of my bikinis when we go out.” Persuaded again he said yes.
“Good, now kiss me.” Being a good boy he did on the check and again said that he’s married to his wife
“No kiss me on the lips, and I know but I love boys like you not like Lucy, she’ll never love you like I will!” Reluctantly he obliged

At bedtime everyone was in their PJ’s and played spin the bottle, Kris was unlucky every spin and his dares was to; kiss everyone. Everyone was having a good time until Lucy pulled Kris aside and asked
“Do you want to sleep with Selena cos I know your her biggest fan? Just know how much I love you.”
“Ahh I love you too, wouldn’t you mind” Kris asked now worried
“No of corse not, we’re all girls here and don’t worry all will be fine.” Lucy reassured him

At night, Kris and Selena got talking,
“So my wife let me sleep with you cos she knows I’m a big fan of yours.” Kris said, “Really, just like that? And we’ll since your my biggest fan I guess we should be together?” She quizzed him
“Yup, and I guess so but what am I going to do about my wife?” Kris questioned
“When were out we could sneak off and hid you while I talk to her for you.” Selena suggested
“That’s not a bad idea.”

The next day, they were going to the beach and Kris has to wear an all in one bathing suit, Selena had just the thing, it was pink and had hello kitty all over it.
“This is mine when I was little,you can keep it if you like.”
“Thank you Selena.”
Now wearing the correct attire it was off to get some sun, just before they headed out Selena kissed him for what seemed like forever.
“Hon can I talk to you for a minute, in private.” Lucy said as she pulled Kris away
“I’m only going to ask you once so answer honestly and truthfully, are you and Selena in love?”
“…ermm.. I guess you…”
“No cut the crap and answer, yes or no?”
“Yes” Kris answered
“That’s fine so me and you are over then?”
“No, me and Selena have a connection.” As soon as he said that he knew it was a mistake to say that, after the talk they acted as if they just made out.

As they were walking to the beach, Kris told Selena that they have a connection,
“But she asked me if I was in love with you…”
“We’ll I said yes”
“That’s good, seems like you don’t need my help.”
“We’ll it’s not cos I might if annoyed her.”
“Who cares as long as we’re in love my princess no one can touch us.”
“You’re right she’ll get over it.”
“That’s the spirit, have I told you how cute you look without makeup while wearing girls clothes?”
“Nope, but I feel like a girl.”
“We’ll you do and I know you try to be a girl and I love that, but your a boy, how about we get some drinks.”
“Sure” Kris answered
“Good girl, me and Kris are off to get some drinks on our own.”

As Selena and Kris were getting drinks, the rest of the gang were finding a good spot,
“I wonder why Kris is in love with Selena so much?” Lucy questioned
“Let it go I knew he would pick this location just to see Selena, don’t worry about it.”
“How can I?, when he loves her more than me.”
“Tell you what, go and get some sun while I find him and talk to him.” Tammy suggested.
While Tammy was finding Kris, Selena suggested that they go to a private place that only she knows, as after all it was secret.
“Wait I’ve just thought of something, how will I live, like job/money wise?” Kris asked wearily.
“Don’t worry about that I’ll sort things out, I promise you will not lift a finger.”

After a short amount of time Tammy couldn’t find Kris and all memory of him has disappeared, like magic, Tammy went back and acted like nothing happened.

“So I have a proposition for you, would you like to become a woman for real?, if so then we need to start from from the bottom and work up.” Selena asked
“We’ll I do and I don’t, I kinda want to be in the middle like a sissy, is that alright?” Kris asked with a question
“Ok sure that works for me, do you want to be on hormones?, so you grow breasts?!?”
“Sure only to grow breasts and maybe make my skin soft & silky. Where are we by the way?”
“We are on the set of WOWP.”

Look out for part 5.

Meeting the stars part 3


Everyone was still in shock since Selena asked kris to marry her, kris said yes and the next day they all went shopping for a wedding dress for kris and Selena, Miley and Tammy are going to be bridesmaids.

At the wedding shop kris found the most beautiful dress, it was floor length, had jewels embodied on the bottom and a floral patten on the bodice, zip-up, halter neck. Kris had to try it on. As kris trying on the dress Selena was looking at the dresses but none catch her eye until she saw a tux shop across the street
“what here and don’t kris but I’ll be wearing the tux and he will be in the wedding dress”

As Selena was trying on her tux, Miley thought that with all this going on she asked Tammy but she said “I’ll think about it” as Kris was admiring himself Tina showed up.
“Tina, what are you doing here?” Kris asked shocked
“well I came to see my sweet little man marry a beautiful girl, where is she?”
“I don’t know but I do love her and we are going to be married wife and wife, so to speak” Kris answered
“I know where she is” Miley interrupted
“where?” Kris asked frantically
“she’s at the tux shop across the street”
“thank you, I need to take this dress of first but one more look, yes I’ll take it” Kris said to the wedding dress sales clerk

Out of the dress Kris ran to the tux shop and saw Selena standing there looking beautiful as ever.
“Selena… I’d like you to meet an old friend of mine, Tina meet Selena”
“nice to meet you Tina, I’m going to be wearing the trousers in our newly found relationship” Selena said with confidence witch threw Kris off a bit
“so your Selena, the Selena Gomez”
“that’s me”
“Kris, have you done what I’ve taught you”
“yes ma’am” Kris said with redness in his cheeks.
“good as long as you keep doing it you won’t have to worry”

The wedding will be on 20.8.12, the next day they all went and had lunch at McDonald’s and chatted about the wedding and who will be coming. When it was time to go home Miley talked to Selena about the wedding,
“are you sure you want to marry this guy?”
“yeah I mean he’s nice and I love the fact that he wears bras just like us, I want to explore more about him.”
“well ok, and he does look cute in that skirt” Miley said jealous

The next few weeks went by in a flash and the wedding couldn’t come sooner, on the day Kris got up and showered, shaved and put on fresh lingerie till Tammy sneaked in behind him and whispered,
“well you still are very pretty for a boy, can I ask you something?”
“thanks, sure shoot” kris said blushing
“well I’m only asking if you love Selena and want to spend the rest of your life with her?”
“of course you know I do, I still love you though Tammy but I don’t want to be a downer but we’ll still be friends and you get to be a bridesmaid”
“I know, can I be the maid of honour?” Tammy asked coyly
“of course you can best friend”

Continued in part 4

TG caps


here are two TG caps

Meeting the stars (Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus)


Kris is going on a holiday and he his going to meet the stars.
As the plane landed Miley’s car driver was waiting for him, so kris went and said
“Are you cyrus’ driver?”
“Yes why do-you ask?”
“I ask cos I’m meeting her and a friend of hers, my name is kris”
“ahh follow me she’s waiting for you in the limo”

At the limo Miley greeted me by saying
“hey, I’m Miley Cyrus, is there anything you want to know before we set off?”
“well I do have 1 question, can I wear one of your dresses from Hannah montana?”
“sure although I would recommending shaving your legs”

As we set off to pick up Selena Gomez, kris told Miley about his cross-dressing
“So do you do it all the time or on occasions?” Miley asked
“I’d like to do it all the time and be a real girl” kris replied
“I can make that happen for you, in fact I have a surprise for you but you’ll have to wait”
“ok, do you have any questions for me?”
“yea I have a few, when did you start wearing girls knickers?”
“I started when I was 10, as I was watching my mum put away the underwear I thought ‘what would it feel like to wear them’ and when everyone was out I went to the airing cupboard and picked up a white thong, got out of all my male clothes and put it on, the feeling was electrifying”
“wow so did you get more courageous and started to wear the bras?”
“yea, I think it was my sisters bra that I tried on”

When we picked up Selena, Miley told her everything that kris told her. Selena was intrigued into my love for girls clothes,
“do you want a sex change?” Selena asked
“well I’m still deciding wether I want to or not” kris said
“so you love to wear dresses and be a girly girl?” Miley asked
“yea that’s my dream to be a ultra girly girl that’s why I wanted to meet you two cos I know you have the right stuff to make me girly”

As the limo came up to the mall kris was scared, he just told his favourite people in the world his most kept secret,
“don’t worry we’ll keep you safe” Selena said
“yeah, we’ll make you so pretty, you won’t recognise yourself” Miley reassured Kris
“thanks you two” Kris thanked them.

Look out for part two

TG Caps Selena, Miley and London Tipton


Selena, Miley and London Tipton