A whole new world


A whole new world

Kris was working in a charity shop, while steaming some clothes he notices a purple polka dot dress and as he held it against himself he was magically transformed into a whole new universe.

When he awoke, he awoke with someone standing next to his barbie bed.
“Morning sweetie, how you feeling? You may feel… Somewhat different” Tina said soothingly.
“W..what kind of difference? Kris said in his new high pitched voice.
“Wh… Why do I have breasts..”
“Your a woman now hun, your my daughter and your cute, go look”

As Kris got up to look he had to admit he did look cute, for a boy.
“So if I had to guess this is permanent” Kris asked
“Yes it is hunni, no going back” Tina smiled as she hugged her son.
“Well I have to admit this is a dream come true.” Kris admitted
“Want to have a look in your closet and pick out a dress to go out go dinner?” Tina asked with a smile.
Kris needed to say no words, he went straight to his new closet and new life.

When he opened his closet, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he walked in and saw the dress he was going to wear. It was knee length pink and red polkas dot, sleeveless.
With the dress picked it was now time to get ready, in the bath he shaved his legs, arms and underarms, with that done he moisturised everywhere then hoped out and wrapped a towel around himself and wrapped one round his flowing blonde hair, as he was starting to do his make-up when Tina walked in,

“Don’t forget your old girlfriend is coming”
“Wh… What you never told me, how will she react to the new me!” Kris said anxious
“Oh don’t worry, she knows and is eager to meet the new you” Tina reassured him.
“Ok, well then I am eager to see her again, now what pantie and bra set should I wear?” Kris said thinking
“Why don’t you wear your red bra and pink polka dot panties” Tina smiled

As Kris was putting on his make-up when the doorbell rung,
“Hey Lucy, please come in he’s just putting on his make-up” Tina greeted
“So he is all girl now is he?” Lucy asked concerned
“Yes, he still has 1 or 2 flaws left in him, but nothing we can’t fix”
“I’ll get him started when we get home” Lucy commented.

As Kris was coming down the stairs,
“Hey, baby, how we feeling?” Lucy asked
“Hi, good, what are you doing here?” Kris answered with a question
“Well I’ve come to take you home with me.”
“Oh, you mean as girlfriends?” Kris asked curiously
“Yes that’s exactly what I mean, come on” Lucy gestured

As Kris went up to pack,
“Hon there’s no need to pack your stuff, there’s stuff at home, plus when you stay over you don’t need to pack an overnight bag” Lucy said

Look out for part 2. I wonder what will happen, who knows…

A Special Wedding


Hey guys, I was going to post this story but never got around to doing it. Hope you like it as much as I did writing it :).

Kris and Ami just waking up when the doorbell
“Get that would you Kris” Ami said still tired
“Ok babe” Kris said still in his lingerie
He grabbed his dressing gown and went to open
the door.
“Well, dont we look pretty”
“Thanks but why are you here?” Kris asked
“Well I wanted to give you somthing, you left it
at my house” The woman said as she handed the
package to Kris
“Thanks I thought I lost this, please come in”
Kris offered
“Sorry but I must run, I’m currently training
“I Understand, bye”

Kris shut the door and went back upstairs.
“Who was at the door?” Ami asked still in bed
“It was my old teacher who made me what I am”
Kris said happily
“What in the box?” Ami asked as she reached for
the box
“Hands off, it’s something I left there when I
was being trained” Kris said playfuly
“So what’s in there?” Ami asked again
“Well let’s just say it’s something I,ve wanted
for a very long time” Kris answered as he opened
the box and there it was in all it’s glory a
pink and black maids dress, complete with
stockings and Mary Jane shoes/

While Kris was getting into the maids dress Ami
went to make breakfast.
With Kris properly dressed and went down to show
Ami how well it fits,
“Wow you look… Wow!”
“Do I look that pretty?”
“Wow you look absolutely stunning”
“Good I was going to save this but nows a good
time” Kris said as he got on one knee and pulled
out a diamond ring from his pouch on his dress
“Ami, would you marry me?”
“Aww, sweetie that is the cutest thing ever, yes
I’ll marry you. We can get married tomorrow if
you like” Ami said with glee.
“Can we… I mean are you sure cos I know that a
wedding takes time and plann…”
“Stop, no more talking, Ive been planning this
my whole life and have already picked up the
dresses for us to wear” Ami stopped Kris and
kissed him or rather her in the clothes he was

After breakfast they went to pick up the dresses
and after they picked the vanue the wedding was
on. It was now time for lunch they went to
Mcdonalds to celibrate.
“So where is our honymoon going to be babe?”
Kris asked
“Well I’ve selected a few, the choices are;
Mexico or Ireland.” Ami layed out the options.
“Well, I’d really like to visit Ireland”
“Ireland it is, booked”
Now it was time to go home, once inside they put
the dresses in the closet until tomorrow.

In the morning Ami was up first and sneakaly
layed out the lingerie for her newly wedded
husband/wife and went to change herself, then
headed to the kitchen.When Kris awoke he
showered and dressed in the langerie Ami layed
out for him then went downstairs himself.
“Morning hunni” Kris pecked on Ami on the lips
“Morning, ready to get married?” Ami asked happy
“Of corse”

At the ceromony they helped out eachother to get
ready and then walked eachother down the isle,
after they kissed for what seemed like an eterny
they were on their way to Cyprus for a romantic
honeymoon and a night of fun.

Upon arriving in Cyprus they had a problem,
Kris’ luggage didnt come.
“No worries babe, you can borrow mine” Ami
suggested then gave him a kiss
“Besides you loo cute in my pink flower bra and
pantie set.”
“Please not here, and you think I look cute in
your bra and panties?” Kris asked curiously
“Come on let’s go before we miss our bus”

At the hotel they took their time to settle in,
then got changed to out to the pool,
“Here out this on, you’ll look pretty in it” Ami
said as she handed him a pink bikini with polka
dots all over it. As Kris was putting on the
bottoms he couldn’t help but notice how happy is
wife was with him borrowing her clothes for the
“Hey, do you think I could borrow your onsie
tonight?” Kris asked jokingly,
“Of corse baby, what’s mine is yours” Ami
answered with a wink

At the pool Kris couldn’t ge comfortable in his
new outfit and surroundings.
“Relax, no one knows you here unless your old
teacher knows that your married.” Ami reassured
But in the far distance he could see someone
looking at him.
Back inside they decided to eat out that night.
“Where do you want to eat?” Ami asked
“I know a great place just down the road”
“Great let’s get changed and go, I have the
perfect dress for you” she said as she pulled
out his maids outfit then giggled
“Don’t you have something else” Kris said jokingly.

Once dressed they went to a romantic restaurant, Kris told the waitress that they just got married.
“Right this way ladies.”
At the table they ordered some wine.

“I have a surprise for you when we get back to the hotel” Ami said coyly.
“Really well as it happens so do I” Kris said jokingly.
“Are you ready to order?” The waitress said
“Yes we are, do you have anything on special tonight?” Kris asked the lovely waitress
“Well no but we could offer a once time offer just for you two.” She said as she smiled
“Ok we’ll have that, thank you” Kris said.

The end, look out for part two.

Filling Curiosity


Kris was visiting his aunt Maggie for the summer, the first day he was there he was bored so he went and looked around, while walking down the big hallway he notices a chest with a pad lock on it.
‘Damn’ he thought, “I want to know what’s inside that chest” he said to himself.
“You could always try to look for the key” an unfamiliar voice came from behind,
As he turned he knew who it was he’s favourite cousin Jodie,

“Hey Jodie, don’t suppose you know where the key is do you?” Kris asked
“What’s in it for me?” Jodie asked back
“Well, I’ll do whatever you want for the whole summer”
“Ok, but I warn you about what’s in the chest”
“Why?” Kris asked but got no answer

Jodie was back with the key, Kris took the key and opened the chest only to find some old girls clothes including underwear.
“I warned you” Jodie retorted
“Ok, curiosity filled. Now I have something to ask you?” Kris asked
“What is it?” Jodie asked back
“Well I was thinking could I try everything in this chest, please?” Kris asked with his heart filled with love of what’s in the chest.
“Sure, if you like dressing up as a girl” Jodie laughed,
“I’m serious, when I opened that chest my heart nearly fell out I was so overwhelmed” Kris said honestly
“OMG, your totally serious, well I’d love to help you” Jodie smiled
“In fact, go upstairs in the bathroom and put this matching pink underwear on and come back down” Jodie demanded

Once Kris was finished and came out the bathroom he herd Jodie shout she was in her bedroom, Kris walked very scared as he walked to Jodie’s room.
Inside the room had pink all over.
“I thought we’d take this up into my room” Jodie said and patted the bed,
“Please sit, I want you to be comfortable”Jodie offered.
As Kris he asked what dress he was going to wear,
“All in good time” Jodie would just repeat.
“What I’m experiencing feel so right” Kris confessed
“I know Hun, now it’s time for your make up, stay there” Jodie smirked.

Once the makeup was done it was time for the dress, it was a designer pink diamante neck dress, as Jodie help Kris into it and zipped it up Kris felt so beautiful, then the does came next and they were gold diamante sandals with a kitten heel, as Kris put them on he felt complete.
“Well, I see we’ve found something to do, come on dinners ready” Kris’ aunt Maggie said.
“Ok we’ll be right down, I’ll change” Kris said
“No you were the one that wanted to wear a dress all day so, downstairs” Maggie retorted
“Yes ma’am” Kris complied

Downstairs they had burgers and chips and chatted,
“So, tell me do you like wearing that dress” Maggie turned to Kris
“Err… Well, yes I do, but I saw this chest and…”
“And thought you would rummage through” Maggie cut him short
“Well yes” Kris said now timid
“It’s ok, you should enjoy it while you can” Maggie said smiling.
“If I had to say, he makes a cute little girl” Jodie said.
“Jodie, can I wear one of your nightgowns to bed tonight. Please?” Kris asked nicely
“Well since you ask politely, yes you may” Jodie answered then pecked him on the cheek.
After dinner they were allowed to play until bedtime, Kris wanted to play dress up and Jodie agreed.

“What do you want to wear first?” Jodie asked
“Do you have a ballet outfit?” Kris asked back
“Sure do, come on” Jodie said as she led him upstairs
“Your allowed an hours play then I’m coming up to put you girls to bed” Maggie said

Jodie put Kris in every outfit available, when they decided to mix a few out fits the hour was up and Maggie came up to tuck the girls into bed.
“Come on girls time for bed, into your nighties and I’ll tuck you both in bed” Maggie smiled
“Can you tell us a story?” Kris asked and Jodie agreed.

After the story, Maggie gave Jodie and Kris a kiss then went downstairs to watch some TV.
“Hey Kris” Jodie whispered
“What?” Kris asked as he tried to sleep
“I was thinking, you had fun today, did you not?” Jodie asked rhetorically
“Yeah, what about it?” Kris asked now awake.
“So I was thing that how would you feel if you wore one of my old dress when we go out tomorrow?”
“Out, I can’t go outside in a dress” Kris said a bit too loud
“Why not, no on knows you and I saw you smile when my mum called you a girl. Plus we always go out for dinner on Tuesdays” Jodie whispered.
As they drifted off to sleep, Kris thought about tomorrow and what Jodie said.

The end (what will happen next)!

Easter special


Hey sorry for not posting but here’s an Easter story to enjoy

It’s Easter and Kris was siting in his room when Lucy came in and told him to come to her room and do everything she says, in her room Kris was excited to be in his sisters room.

“Right, undress and I’ll give you an old Easter dress to wear”
“Ok, even my underwear?” Kris asked
“Well we’ll start with the dress and go from there” Lucy assured her brother
“Now into the dress and I’ll zip you up, arms up”

Once in the dress Kris was happy
“So are you ready to try the underwear?” Lucy asked
Kris nodded as he waited for her to opened the draw.
“Take your pick” Lucy said
Kris walked to the open draw with his heart pounding and picked out a hello kitty pair,
“Good pick they’re yours to keep”
“Thanks how do I put them on”
“You have to take yours off first silly, take off the dress and put on the knickers”

With that all sorted and Kris back in the dress it was time to pick some shoes, Kris saw the Mary Janes and put them on,
“You look pretty little brother” Lucy said as she kissed him.
“I feel weird”
“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it”
“I have to pee”
“We’ll let’s go together and I’ll teach you”
In the bathroom Lucy taught Kris how to go to the toilet as a girl
“Lift your dress and pull your knickers down”
Kris did as he asked and after he done his business he was then told to wipe, pull up his knickers and let the dress flow back down to his knees.

With that out of the way, Lucy decided to paint her brothers nails,
“What colour do you want?” Lucy asked
“Any that match your dress” Kris answered
“You mean your dress” Lucy corrected him
“Right ‘my’ dress”
Once Kris’ nails were painted he had to confess,
“Listen, I have to say something”
“Sure anything for my brother”
“Well, I like to be called a girls name”
“Like what, I guess from the confession your loving being in my old Easter dress” Lucy smiled
“Well I was thinking of Kristi” Kris suggested
“I like that name, Kristi” Lucy hugged her new sister

“Let’s go outside” Lucy said as she pulled him before he could say anything.
Outside his best friend was out as well called Ami,
“My you look cute in your dress Kris” she giggled.
“Thanks, I’m also wearing my sisters knickers” Kris whispered
“Now now there your knickers, brother dear” Lucy corrected.

The end

The princess party


Once upon a time there lived a boy who was friends with a girl, when they went out to play the girl asked if he wanted to play dress up but not normal dress up, no she wanted to play princesses and she had the perfect dress for him.

“Come on, lets head inside so I can play I have the perfect dress you can wear” Bambi said
“But I’m a boy, can’t we play something else” Kris responded
“Well we can play fairy’s or ballerinas”
“No I guess princesses will do”

So once they were in Bambi’s bedroom he was told to strip and put on princess panties while she got the dress and it was pink taffiea dress with beads on the bodice while Bambi was in the same style dress but in purple. Once dressed Bambi teaches Kris all there is to know about being a princess from curtsying to eating like a proper princess, once playtime was over Bambi decided to have a sleepover
“Hey let’s have a sleepover, you can wear my hello kitty nightdress if you like”

Kris thought what the hell he was already in a princess dress what little will a nightdress do, out of the dresses and into their nightdresses, Kris decided that they do each others nails, Bambi thought this was a great idea.
“Go and pick a colour” Bambi said
“Ok, I pick pink”
“Good choice, your nails will look pretty in this colour”
Kris laid out his hand and let Bambi paint his nails, he casually suggested that she paint his toes too.

At night Bambi whispered
“Did you like being a princess today?”
Kris didn’t move all he could think of was how good it feels to have painted nails to his panties.
“Don’t worry tomorrow you can act out your ultimate fantasy” Bambi whispers then kissed him on the cheek.

On the morning Kris had an epiphany, he really liked having painted nails it made him feel funny inside. He looked over to the bed next to his and noted Bambi was up, he got up and went down himself tats when he saw Bambi’s mum there.
“Why hello there, don’t you look pretty, Bambi’s at school, do you want breakfast?”
“Yes please” Kris answered and thought she’s nice.
After breakfast they went upstairs and Kris was told to pick out anything he likes out of Bambi’s closet and it’s his to keep. After much consideration he picked the princess dress he wore yesterday.
“That’s pretty, why don’t you put it on so I can see how pretty you’ll look in it”
“I need a wee first”
“Second door on the left, but remember to sit”

The end