Visa versa 2 – The new life


It was a oddly warm evening when Kris awoke from his nap, he rubbed his eyes into focus, as he did so, the bedroom door opened and Ami walked in
“Evening my little princess, did you have a nice nap? Its time for your dinner”
They made their way down into the kitchen and Ami fished out a jar of “summer fruits” baby food, she delicatley strapped a pink barbie bib around Kris’ neck and started to spoon feed him.
“Here comes the train” she cooed.
“Oh, i have some friends coming over later, you remember Selena and Miley?”

“‘Ding, Dong’ Oh their here, stay right there” Ami said as she went to open the door.
“Hello, how you doing?” Selena asked
“Hey” Miley said
“Hi, come on in” Amy offered

Inside Selena saw Kris in is high chair who wanted to get down,
“Ahh does baba won’t down down” Selena cooed. Kris nodded, down he went to go play but Ami said “not so fast missy, greet these nice people first then go play”
“Hello Miley, hello Selena” Kris said as he curtseyed then went off to play.

“He’s so adorable” Miley complemented
“I know he told me his dream is to be a baby girl, he’s cute” Ami Gossiped
“Really, I never pictured him in a diaper and a baby dress, but each to there own” Selena smiled.

As everyone was talking, Kris entered with a barbie doll and a wand from wizards of Waverley place and gave the wand to Selena,
“Wow thank you hunni, do you want me to sign it for you?” Selena asked and Kris nodded.
“There you go, babe” Selena said as she patted his diapered bottom
“Now where were we, Ah yes, so what you going to do to him next?” Selena asked
“Well, I was thinking of going to the beach tomorrow, and I need a baby sitter” Ami told
“We could babysit for you, I’m sure she’s no trouble” Miley asked politely
“Would you, thanks I would hate anything to happen to her i.e.laughed at, I’ll be back about 2ish”

After they had said their goodbyes it was time to out Kris back in her crib,
“Come on baby, bath time then bedibyes” Ami said softly
After Kris had her bath, all nice and clean, new nappy it was time to be out in the crib.
“Does my beautiful princess want a story”
After the story, Kris was fast asleep and Ami turned out the light and went to bed herself.

In the morning, Kris awoke with a wet diaper so he cried until Ami came to change him.
“Aww has my little baby done a wee wee in her diaper” she cooed,
‘Kris nodded’
“Well let me get changed then I’ll change you, ok baby?” ami asked
‘Kris nodded’
Once Ami was dressed and ready to go out for the day, the doorbell rang.
“Oh that will be Selena and Miley”

“Hi, come in, coffee” Ami offered when she opened the door.
“Oh, please” Selena said
“Second that” Miley said then smiled.
“So how’ve you been” Selena asked
“I’ve been good thanks, I’m just on my way out and Kris needs changing” Ami said as she grabbed her bag and went out the door.

“So lets change her together then we’ll pop out” Miley suggested
“Good idea” Selena agreed
So off they went to the baby’s room to get Kris out if her dirty nappy and into a clean one.
“Have you been a good girl?” Selena cooed.
‘Kris nodded’
“Good cos were going out to our favourite place, where is it again Miley”
“I believe it’s the beach, Selena”
One Kris was into a new, clean nappy it was time to put Kris into a yellow stripped tankini and I to the car for the beach.

At the beach they tried to find a good spot,
“Hey Ami, I thought it’d be good for Kris to get some rays on such a beautiful day” Miley said
“Oh well this was supposed to be just me but since your here, please join me, Kris hunni sit and play” Ami said as she have a kiss to her precious baby.
“Yes well, I’ll go get some drinks” Selena offered.
“Did you at lest bring the baby bag?”
“No worries it’s right here”
“Good, I’d hate for her to get a dirty nappy while I’m getting some sun” Ami said relieved.
“Botbot” Kris said
“Does baba need her botbot?” Ami asked
‘Kris nods’
“Selena feed Kris will you please” Ami told.

The End