Curious About Girls Clothes, part 14


Part 14
Once the party was over everyone went home, Ami pulls Kris aside to the pool room,

“I was going to wait but I guess nows a good time” Ami then passed a box to him.

“What, you didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Open it you deserve it”

ami opened the box then she just stared at it, after a moment or two she spoke,

“Hunni, this is the most beautiful anyone could give me”

“Well..” Kris was stopped with a passionate kiss.
Back in the living room Selena and Lucy were just finishing up when Selena went up to Lucy and gave her a kiss,

“Wow, what’s go into you?” Lucy asked intrigued

“Let’s just say, I’m willing to give you a personal performance” Selena winked

Kris and Ami were back when everything was clean,

“Awsome performance tonight Sel” Kris complimented

“Aww, it was my pleasure since you gave me a place to call home”
Lucy pulled kris to the kitchen and asked,

“So, is it true?”

“What’s true?” He asked back

“You know the…”

“Oh that, err… I guess so yeah, why’d you ask”

“Show me” she demanded

Back in the living room, Ami and Selena were talking

“Hey, so I know I should keep this a secret but…” Selena started

“But what..?” Ami said intrigued

 “Well, me and Kris kinda swapped half our brains and i half one half of the sell but if Kris doesn’t write the other half down we could both be in trouble.”

“What sort of trouble?” Ami asked now scared

“If the worst comes, its too much…” Selena started to trail off
Just then Kris came running into the room,

“Let’s go out, its on me wherever you want” And with a click of the fingers off they went to a mystical land where anything your heats desire.



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The Babysitter Becomes The Baby


The Babysitter Becomes The Baby


One hot summers day, Kris was babysitting for his old friend Lucy who had two daughters named, Hannah and Yasmin aged 2 (Hannah) and 4 (Yasmin), as Lucy was getting ready to go out for the weekend, Kris was in the living room with the girls all over him saying stuff like, ‘Can we do your makeup’ and ‘Can we paint your nails’. to which Kris replied ‘Of course you can’.


“I’m off, have fun, but before I go, Hannah come here for a sec.”  As Hannah went to her mum, Lucy whispered to Hannah that made her giggle a little. As Lucy’s car left, it was about 9 o’clock,

“Right girls, time for bed”

“Awww, can’t we stay up for 10 more minutes, please?” Yasmin pleaded with puppy dog eyes

“Ok, 10 more minutes, then off to bed”

As Hannah came back from their bedroom, she asked Kris to follow her, when he followed her into the bedroom and he saw it set up,

“Would you kindly lay down on the changing mat for me Kris?” Hannah said kindly

As Kris laid down he thought, ‘Wow, so this is what it feels like to be…’ He was brought out of his thought when Yasmin said “Aww, baby is all clean, heres your binki” She pops the pacifier into Kris’ mouth and he starts to suck it. Next he was led to the crib, “Now baby time for beddie byes”


Kris was laid down in the crib and as his head hit the pillow he was falling asleep, as Yasim turned the baby mobile on, she gave him his bottle and he was slowly falling asleep. Hannah and Yasmin left the room and turned on the tv to watch cartoons till it was time for bed themselves.

“Hey, it was fun dressing our babysitter as a baby today.” Yasmin said with glee quietly.

“Yup, it was, wasn’t it” Hannah said smiling. The next day Kris awoke slowly not wondering where he was or what happened last night, until Yasmin came in the room saying,

“Hey there baby, how did you sleep, is your dee dee wet, do you need changing?” To which Hannah came in and proceeded to change Kris into a clean diaper. after Kris was all clean and fresh, it was time to watch baby cartoons.


As Kris sat there in his playpen, there was a knock at the door, Kris turned to look but was too fixed on what’s on the tv. Hannah and Yasmin came into the living room to give Kris his bottle, he was agitated, “Does baby need his dipee changed?” Kris just nodded,

“Well come on then, lets change you then you can get back to your cartoons.”

Once Kris was all clean (again), he was put in the high chair and was fed apple and peach baby food, after lunch he was sat back in the playpen and watched some more baby tv.

The door opened and it was Lucy, she was surprised but happy to know things went as planned, Kris looked over and started to speak when Lucy said, “Shhh.. baby dont make a sound, you look very cute in your pink taffeta dress with the petticoat, do you need a change?”

“No we just cleaned him” Hannah replied

“Aww thank you, I see everything went well”

“Yes, he didnt even make a fuss” Yasmin said

The End

Curious About Girls Clothes: Part 6 – 13/20


Part 6:

In the morning Kris awoke still with his magic powers and decided to open up his mind and begun to input everything women knew into his, now thats over he decided to shower and get dressed, downstairs he proceded to make breakfast in bed for Ami. As he went up Ami said,
“Awww, you look cute in that outfit”
“Well I tried my best”
“It’s almost as if you knew how” Ami sad smiling
“I do have magic powers, so I put everything that women knows into mine”
“So, what do you want to do first with you newly found power” Ami asked while eating her brakfast
“Well I was think about having the biggest house in the world”

Now they were in the biggest house imaginable, they decided to celebrate and do a bit of shopping, not normal shopping, magical shopping. Kris magicked up a rail with unlimited amount of clothes. With their outfits ready, they decided to have dinner, so again Kris magicked up a table for two with their favourite meals, Ami had a double cheese and hamburger while Kris had Mac ‘n’ Cheese with hotdogs.
After dinner they were tired so they went to bed but not before Kris cooked up a spell that would turn the temporary switch permanent. Ami and Kris talked for a little bit then drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

In the morning Kris woke first so he decided to cook breakfast in bed for Ami, but there was suddenly a knock on the door and it was Selena,
“There isn’t much time, come with me.” Selena said out of breath.
“But what about Ami?” Kris asked confused.
“Don’t worry, my brother Justin will take care of her.”

With that out the way, Kris and Selena was transported to the Russo lair.
“I brought you here because there is something you must know about my magic” Selena started
“Oh really, like what?” Kris questioned.
“Well, you should never use magic for your own needs.”
“Why’s that, wait don’t tell me!”
Kris whispers something to Selena and she just nodded.

Back at the house, Ami was woken up with breakfast in bed.
“Hi, Kris told me to bring you breakfast.”
“Hi, but who are you?” Ami asked
“Don’t blame you for curiosity, I’m Justin, Selena’s brother” he replied

Back at the lair, Kris and Selena did a ritual which would make the magic transfer permanent.
“Now, do you feel any different?” Selena asked Kris
“Well, I guess I feel more like a woman” Kris answered honestly
“That’s good, we should get back, but first take this, it refills your magic when your low, your not a full wizard yet”
“Wait, does that mean…” Kris started but was back in his house.

As Kris got to his bedroom, he saw Ami laying so peacefully, so he went to her side and smiled and stroked her forehead and kissed her forehead, whispered ‘I love you’. Downstairs he was making lunch when Ami was at the doorway.
“Morning hun” Kris said happily
“Morning, how long was I asleep?” Ami asked groggily
“Errr… about 5 hours” Kris answered with a kiss
“Wow, I better get in the shower.” Ami said still half asleep
“Ok hun.”

Part 7:

Once Kris was out the shower he got his onsie on and went downstairs,
“Oh hunni, we need to goto the shops as we need milk.” Ami said.
When they got the milk they headed down the baby isle,
“Why we going down this isle?” Kris asked confused.
“Well we need to get you some new pacifiers.”

Back home, they were met with a figure.
“Please do not be alarmed” they said
“Wait I know you” Kris sounded sure
“Yes you do, my name is….”
“Let me guess, Tammy” Kris guessed
“Yes, now let us not hesitate, we must go”
“Go… Go where?” Ami asked
“Please follow me”

As Kris and Ami followed Tammy to a massive ‘en suite with a triple queen sized bed, to the left is a outfit picker, just press the button and the outfit comes.
“Wow, this is…”
“Amazing” Kris finished what Ami was going to say.
Now it was time for tea, Kris cooked some chicken for Fajitas while Ami set the table, as they ate they talked about getting married.

After dinner Kris went upstairs to get into his favourite onsie and as he did so he grabbed something important, but divided that it’s not the right time. Back downstairs Kris and Ami watched some TV before they called it a night. As they lay there Ami looked at Kris and asked
“What’s up hun?”
“Huh.. Oh I was just thinking maybe tomorrow we could goto the beach.” Kris answered with a smile
“But you hate the sand.” Ami looking confused
“Yeah, but I have a surprise for you” Kris said and kissed Ami passionately on the lips. Both almost lost their breath.

In the morning Kris woke up first and went downstairs to cook Ami some breakfast, as he got back Ami was wide awake and went to get out of bed,
“Ahh, no stay right there, I made you breakfast” Kris said
“Wow, how’d you know I like…”
“Don’t worry about that, now I’m going to have a shower and get dressed” Kris said happily
Once Ami had finished her breakfast she got up and got dressed, as she did she found a small box, but she couldn’t force herself to open it so instead she put it back, and went downstairs

On the way to the beach Ami kept wondering what’s inside that box, they finally reach the beach, as they were sunbathing, Ami had to ask,
“Theres been something on my mind today…” Ami started
“Like what…. Kris asked confused
“C’mon you can tell me”
“Well, as I was getting dressed I found a small box…”
“Don’t worry, all in due time” Was all Kris was say about the box

As they were driving home, they stopped of at a fish ‘n’ chips shop, thats where Kris got down on one knee and pulled out the box and said,
“I know this isn’t the most romantic place but all we need is each other, so Ami…” Kris started to say then opened the box, where a 24 karat diamond ring sat.
“Will you marry me?” he finally finished
“….YES, I will!!” Ami answered with tears in her eyes

Part 8

Back at the house Kris was in the jacuzzi, as he was relaxing Ami bought a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses, to celebrate.
“I didn’t know we had a jacuzzi” Ami said shocked
“Well what can I say, I used magic” Kris proudly said
“Right, well let me get changed then we can celebrate”

With Ami in her swimsuit, she hopped in,
“So les party, just us” Kris smiled then passionately kissed Ami
After the last of the wine was gone they went inside and watched a but of TV then went to bed.
“Hey Ami, watch this ” Kris said as he clicked his fingers he cast a moon and stars spell.
“Wow, that is amazing, I’m jealous that you have magic”
“Well I do know this one spell where you can have magic for 24 hours” Kris admitted

In the morning, Ami woke first, she went down and made breakfast for Kris, as Ami delivered Kris’ breakfast in bed and came back down there was a knock on the door, she went to open it.
“Hi, I herd you are looking to have magic in your life, am I right?” The man asked
“Well, I am but it’s complicated” Ami replied
“Well how about this sort of magic” he said then made a ball of his magic.
“Yes, that’s what I’m looking for, but my wife was going to give me hers for 24 hours”
“Why have it for 24 hours when you can have it forever”
“Well, when you put it like that…” Ami pondered
“Listen your a nice girl, I’ll give you mine free of charge, no strings attached” he said then proceeded to give Ami his magic.

As Ami got back to the bedroom,
“Who was at the door” Kris asked
Ami didn’t answer but she showed Kris she had magic.
“… I’m speechless” Kris said shocked
“So, what’s going to be your first spell?, mine was to have all the answers required for a test”
“I don’t know, maybe magic up something special” Ami said as she softly caressed Kris.
“Well, why, don’t, we, stay, at, home, to, day, and, we, can, do, what, ever, you, want.” Said Kris between each kiss.

Halfway through they were making love to each other, there was knock on the door,
“Expecting someone?” Asked Ami
“No, are you?” Kris asked back
“I’m not going away!” A familiar female voice shouted through the letter box
“Look, can you please let me in, I’ve been trying to find you”
“Be right there” Kris shouted back
‘Really’ Ami mouthed
“BRB baby”

As Kris got to the door he couldn’t shake the feeling that it was someone important. After a few seconds he opened the door and just as he thought it was his old friend and companion, Lucy.
“Hello” Greeted Kris
“Ahh finally, where have you been?, don’t matter, is she here?” Lucy asked concerned
“Who, Selena, I am her, but I’m still me.”
“Who’s she?” Ami asked when she came down for a glass of milk.
“Hi, My name is Lucy”
“Well, Hello” Ami greeted back then went back upstairs

“Listen I know were still married, and I know your engaged to be married with Ami, but I love you”
“Wow, so if you do, let me ask you, what do I do everyday at 14:00?” Kris tested Lucy
“….Er you… Umm…”
“Well if you love me you would know” he said then Kris shut the door on her face.
Back upstairs, Kris went to get changed when Ami stopped him,
“Come back to bed, baby” Ami pulled Kris to bed
With a click of the fingers Kris set the mood, and there were no more interruptions for that night.

Part 9:

In the morning they made preparations for the wedding, Kris was handling the catering while Ami handled the flowers and dresses, just as Kris got what food they was going to have, Ami went over to the fridge, and poured out a couple of glasses of wine, as she gave a glass to Kris she thought ‘I’m so happy.’ When she got back to her work, she asked
“What do you think about the colour scheme of pink and red?”
“I think thats a wonderful idea, plus the colours go really well together” Kris replied

After about two hours of planning they are only halfway through, they still need to get the hall and the ceremony sorted, by now Ami was stressed and Kris could see that, to which he went up to Ami and said,
“Take a breather, and relax, I’ll get it all done”
“But we agreed on splitting the work”
“I know, tell you what…” Kris said as he got to thinking
“Why don’t we go out to the place only we can go” with out a second thought Kris grabbed Ami’s hand and clicked his fingers and they were transported to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“Wow its so romantic here” Ami said amazed
“Shhh… not another word, I want this moment to last” Kris put a finger to her lips.
Kris took out his phone and took a picture, to remember this moment. Next they were on the Empire State,
“Wow, its so beautiful up here”
With that Kris took another picture,
“One more place the we can go home.” Kris said then they were on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Back home, the place is a mess, with wedding stuff all over, as Ami started tidying up,
“Leave it, Ill do it tomorrow” Kris suggested then took Ami upstairs and showered together. After their shower, they both got into each others onesies, then went downstairs to watch some TV and have a glass of wine.

“Your so cute in my onsie” ami complimented with a kiss.
“Well, so do you” Kris complemented back. After an hours TV they retired to bed, Kris couldn’t sleep so he got up and went downstairs, as he got to the table he looked over at all the papers, ‘damn, I’m going to finish this if its the last thing I do’ kris thought to himself.

At about 6:00 am he was tired and was fast asleep when Ami came down, she looked at him then kissed his forehead and stroked his long hair. As she made herself a coffee, she sat down at the table and saw everything was done and organised. All she could do was smile. After about an hour, Kris woke and saw Ami, he smiled,

“Morning sweetie, what time is it?” Kris asked groggily
“7:00am, darling, have you been up all night?” She answered with a question
“Can you tell” Kris laughed
“Did you do all this last night?, if so I’m impressed”
“Well, nearly I just need to find our dresses then we’ll be set”
“Why don’t you go and shower and get dressed then we’ll go out and find ourselves our dream dresses”

Part 10

As Kris was showering, Ami picked out his outfit, she went to the wardrobe and selected a off the shoulder red dress with beads on the top half, next she proceeded to the drawers and pick out a red matching bra and pantie set, then she picked out some red 3″ open toe heels. Once she was done she got dressed herself, she chose a knee length black and white polka dot skirt and a white blouse. Before she went she clicked her fingers to make Kris a male, unknown to him.

When Kris got out the shower there was a note it said ‘outfits on the bed hunni, meet me at the mall.’ As Kris got dressed he thought ‘she can’t expect me to walk.’ Just then he noticed on the back of the note, ‘you can walk, I want you to practice walking in heels.’ Now that Kris was dressed he grabbed his keys and put them in his purse, he hesitated for a moment, then he opened the door.

As he finally got to the mall, he went inside to look for Ami, his first shop to look in was a bridal boutique. When he entered she was nowhere to be seen, instead the woman who was running the store gave him a note it said, ‘if you need me I’ll be in the nail salon, you can get a mani while your there too’. With that he set off to the nail salon. When he arrived at the salon, he got the mani but again there was a note saying, ‘ill be getting something special for when you arrive’.

While Kris was on an ‘adventure’ Ami was all cosy at Selena’s place watching Kris run around searching for her.
“Do you want more popcorn?” Selena asked
“Ohh, yes please” Ami answered giggling.
“What’s he doing now?” Selena curiously asked
“He’s just about to go into a lingerie department”

Back at the mall, Kris is in the lingerie department and hanging on the wall was a note, ‘I want you to ask the clerk to measure you up for a bra, and tell her your a man’
“Hi, can I be measured up for a bra please?” Kris asked nervously
“Sure, but we don’t get many males in here” the clerk said trying not to laugh
“Right this way sir”

Once that was done the clerk gave him a note which said, ‘now I want you to come to Selena’s place, do take your time’. With that he walked as fast as his heel could take him. As he approached the door there was a note, ‘knock three times then stop then another two’ he did what the note said. Then after about a minute the door opened,
“Hey, come in, I trust you did everything?” Selena greeted
“Yes I did, my heels are killing me” Kris greeted back

As Kris got to the sofa, Ami and Selena exchanged looks and with the click of both fingers they made Kris so submissive that he couldn’t say no to anything they said. The next morning it was the big day,
“So Kris are you ready to get married?” Selena asked gleefully
“Yes I am” Kris smiled as he answered.
“Well in that case lets get you dressed, shower while I get it ready for you” Selena said as she pushed him towards the bathroom.

Part 11: The Wedding.

After Kris had a shower, Selena helped him get his dress on, while Ami was in another room getting hers on. As Selena unzipped Kris’ A-Line, off the shoulder, Floor-Length with a cathedral train and embroidery wedding dress, Kris stepped in and she zipped him up.
“Wow you look amazing your wedding dress?” Selena complimented
“Thank you, I feel like a princess” Kris thanked
In the other room Ami was struggling,
“If it’s no trouble could you help out Ami, please?” Kris asked
“Sure it’s my pleasure” Selena gleefully answered then walked to the other room

As Selena unzipped Ami’s stunning, White flowy dress with a heart shaped bodice with swaski crystals up one side, Ami stepped in and Sel zipped her up.
“Wow, you look stunning, here let me help?” Selena offered but wouldn’t take no r an answer.
“Oh, well thank you, luckily I haven’t done my make-up yet”
Back in the Kris’ room he went to sit but the door opened and it was Tammy,
“Wow, bro you look… Just wow”
“Why thank you sis”
“Here let me do your make-up”

“So what have you been up to these past few months?” Kris asked
“Oh you know the usual, Tina has been giving me a hard time. But thats another story.” Tam answered
“Ok, how she by the way?”
“Still the same, but she has told me something about you that I’d never dream of ever happing” Tam said with a shimmer in her eye. As Tam finished Kris’ make-up she started on his hair, while Selena was applying Ami’s make-up.
“So, how do you feel?” Sel asked
“If I’m honest… scared… the feeling is so overwhelming”
“Well in that case you look absolutely stunning” Sel complimented.

Just as they were all ready to go, the limo was out side, so they all went to the limo and hopped in.
“Beautiful as ever, my darling” Ami complimented Kris then pecked him on the cheek.
“Thank you, you look.. Absolutely Fantastic babe” Kris shot back
“Well were almost here, you guys ready?” Selena asked. Kris and Ami nodded in unison.
as they left the limo Kris and Ami both locked arms and walked, they were amazed, at how beautiful the beach was,
“Wow, this is so beautiful.”
“I couldn’t of put it better myself my dear” Kris said with a smile

When Kris and Ami reached the alter, Selena said the magic words,
“Kris, do you take Ami as you lawfully wedded wife?”
“I do”
“And do you Ami, take Kris as your lawfully wedded wife?”
“Yes, I do’
“With that you may now kiss each other”

After they kissed they went to the hall, with an open bar, to party. as the music got louder and louder, everyone danced hard until the music softened, thats where Kris and Ami slow danced as the newly weds.
“I love this song, and I love you” Kris whispered to Ami
“I love U2” Ami whispered back
After a couple of minutes everyone joined in.

Part 12:

In the hall it was just Kris, Ami, Lucy and Selena. Kris needed to pee so he got up and started to go into the mens, but Lucy stopped him and guided him to the ladies,
“Thanks, I don’t know what came over me” Kris smiled

When they returned, Ami was tired so Selena and Lucy took them home, when they got to the their room, Lucy undressed Kris while Selena undressed Ami, then proceeded to put them in bed.
“Wow, what a night!” Lucy exclaimed,
“Yeah, come I’ve got something awesome I want to show you, well it’s for Kris and Ami” Selena said as she pulled Lucy into her room.

In Selena’s room, Selena dug out the box and opened it,
“OMG, they are going to love it” Lucy exclaimed,
“I know, but…” Selena stammered
“But what..?” Lucy questioned
“Well, it’s not for them, it’s for you and me.” Selena started
“Oh.. Em.. Gee.. Are you saying..?”
“Yes I am, will you marry me?” Selena finally asked
“Yes I will” Lucy answered with years in her eyes.

Back in the bedroom, Ami awoke and glanced at Kris and smiled, she wanted to wake him up but decided to just lay there and stare at his cute feminine face, she went to stroke his long, blonde, curly hair when Kris began to stir.
“Morning baby, how’s you sleep?” Ami asked
“Great” Kris answered then kissed Ami on the lips,
“I’m going to jump in the shower if you want to join me!” Kris offered with a wink then proceeded towards the bathroom.

Downstairs Lucy and Selena set up the music for the party, Lucy was on food and drink while Selena was on music. As Selena finished setting the mic Lucy came in with a couple of glasses of coke,
“Wow, this place is amazing” Lucy complimented while she passed the glass to Selena,
“Thanks, I’m going to be singing, for Kris and Ami, just for letting me be their friend all these years” Selena tanked then took a sip of her coke.

Kris finished showering when Ami pulled him back in,
“Where do you think your going missy?” she asked rhetorically,
“I… I was going…” Kris was stopped mid sentence.
“Why don’t you get the sponge while I get the lotion!” Ami sexily said. Kris just nodded, as soon as Kris turned to get the sponge he felt Ami caress his breasts, he moaned and arched his back.

After they finally got out the shower, Kris picked out Ami’s clothes while Ami did the same for Kris, when Kris opened the closet he saw in all it’s glory, his favourite dress of all time, he picked got it out and laid it on the bed then went to the chest of drawers and picked a matching pink underwear set. Next when Ami got to the closet she picked out a stunning dress that she liked, as she moved for the chest of drawers Kris pulled Ami to him and just hugged her, and whispered, “I never want to lose you, I love you” as his tears was forming, as they let go Ami said, “aww hunni I love you too, now lets do your make up and no more tears”

Part 13: The Party

Once Ami fixed Kris’ make up, Kris offered to do hers,
“Thank you, your a doll, I’ve got something I want you to have but it’s for later” Ami coyly said with a wink, once Ami’s was done the both got dressed and headed downstairs,
“Wow you guys really did a number on the place” Kris complemented

Just as they were getting things finalised there was a knock on the door, and it was everyone of Kris’ friends, Tammy, Tina, Jodie.
“Hey girly, what you been up to lately?” Jodie asked
“Well, I got married to a beautiful, amazing, perfect woman, got a job at my favourite fashion shop” Kris answered happily
“Ohh do pray tell?” Tina slyly asked
“It’s a lingerie firm that does not only women but men as well”
“Do you get a lot of men or is it sissies or all?” Tina continued to ask
“Well currently it’s sissies because men that do come in always say their buying for their wife or girlfriend, but I can tell, I was once like them”
“Drinks anyone” Selena said as she came with a tray of wine

As the music began to start, Lucy And Tina were getting to know a little bit of each other, Selena went up on stage and started to sing, Who Says, Selena went up to Kris and pulled him on stage and showed him how to dance to ‘Come And Get It’
“Wooo, look at you go girl!!” Ami shouted
After the song was over Ami joined Kris and Selena on stage and Kris and Ami was slow dancing to ‘Naturally’.
“This is amazing, your amazing”

By now it’s 11:30, everyone was tired, Tammy and Jodie went to bed, But before they could Tina pulled Tammy aside and told her,
“Hope you know what your doing”
“Don’t worry, I do mistress”
“Ok, well go have fun” Tina said with a wink and a nudge
“I’m going up now” Ami kissed Kris on his perfect lips
“Ok baby be up in soon” Kris replied

“Hey Kris I need to talk to you for a sec” Selena said then pulled him into the toilets
“What’s up”
“I just want my magic for a few hours, I’ll bring it back you have my word”
“I don’t know, I mean I’ve grown to love it, how do I know that you won’t run away”
“The only way I can think of is if we swap half a brain, because if I have your half, and your have mine then we know what each other is thinking”
“Hey yeah, I like that idea, but isn’t it dangerous”
“Very that’s why it’s fun to do”
“Ok let’s do it” Kris said




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A whole new world


A whole new world

Kris was working in a charity shop, while steaming some clothes he notices a purple polka dot dress and as he held it against himself he was magically transformed into a whole new universe.

When he awoke, he awoke with someone standing next to his barbie bed.
“Morning sweetie, how you feeling? You may feel… Somewhat different” Tina said soothingly.
“W..what kind of difference? Kris said in his new high pitched voice.
“Wh… Why do I have breasts..”
“Your a woman now hun, your my daughter and your cute, go look”

As Kris got up to look he had to admit he did look cute, for a boy.
“So if I had to guess this is permanent” Kris asked
“Yes it is hunni, no going back” Tina smiled as she hugged her son.
“Well I have to admit this is a dream come true.” Kris admitted
“Want to have a look in your closet and pick out a dress to go out go dinner?” Tina asked with a smile.
Kris needed to say no words, he went straight to his new closet and new life.

When he opened his closet, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he walked in and saw the dress he was going to wear. It was knee length pink and red polkas dot, sleeveless.
With the dress picked it was now time to get ready, in the bath he shaved his legs, arms and underarms, with that done he moisturised everywhere then hoped out and wrapped a towel around himself and wrapped one round his flowing blonde hair, as he was starting to do his make-up when Tina walked in,

“Don’t forget your old girlfriend is coming”
“Wh… What you never told me, how will she react to the new me!” Kris said anxious
“Oh don’t worry, she knows and is eager to meet the new you” Tina reassured him.
“Ok, well then I am eager to see her again, now what pantie and bra set should I wear?” Kris said thinking
“Why don’t you wear your red bra and pink polka dot panties” Tina smiled

As Kris was putting on his make-up when the doorbell rung,
“Hey Lucy, please come in he’s just putting on his make-up” Tina greeted
“So he is all girl now is he?” Lucy asked concerned
“Yes, he still has 1 or 2 flaws left in him, but nothing we can’t fix”
“I’ll get him started when we get home” Lucy commented.

As Kris was coming down the stairs,
“Hey, baby, how we feeling?” Lucy asked
“Hi, good, what are you doing here?” Kris answered with a question
“Well I’ve come to take you home with me.”
“Oh, you mean as girlfriends?” Kris asked curiously
“Yes that’s exactly what I mean, come on” Lucy gestured

As Kris went up to pack,
“Hon there’s no need to pack your stuff, there’s stuff at home, plus when you stay over you don’t need to pack an overnight bag” Lucy said

Look out for part 2. I wonder what will happen, who knows…